9 reviews

LaGrand Lodges & Campground, LLC

marker Galena, Missouri


9 reviews

I rented a unit off him and two weeks later the people he bought it off of took the rentals back. I was left hanging with a unit that nothing worked. Empty promises of things getting fixed. He eventually quit texting me back . the new land lord has had to gut several units after Tony Lagrand had them due to he never maintained any of the units and let any joe sumo destroy them. Left a lot of people angry. My unit still needs work and the roaches were so bad I haven't been able to unpack anything and had to pay out of pocket for exterminator. They come out evey 8 days to spray it's so bad. Thank God it is working and maybe in another month I can unpack. Sham on you Tony Lagrand. Dont let his smooth talk fool you. Scam arrest is what he is.
Wanda Scheldt

If I could give a 0 or negative number I would. I delt with Tony as a sales rep at Nantucket. He makes a lot of promises about cost, financing and all you can make in a rental program. It is all lies. After you sign the contract he is not there to help you. Rental program a joke. I ended up with a debt of $23,000 that I had to figure out how to pay. He painted this picture how it will pay for it self. He is all talk just to get your money. Please for your piece of mind don't do business with him
ScottishWar 420

Was not impressed. Heard about this project long ago and came by every so often. Some existing neighbors were very nice and pleasant people. Several in particular were actually working on said property as well. Very dark individuals, not too friendly. The siding is awfully done the 'new' unit along with the tile. Definite flood plain issues as I had seen several inches of standing water all over the property. Seems as if there was alot of apparent destruction to said property as well. Other 'units' that have existing guests are very poorly maintained on the exterior. I'd hate to see the insides!!!! One tenant spoke to me and let me in her unit. Said the previous landlord never really upkept anything even before she moved in. The unit was not acceptable for anyone to live in if you ask me. I'd say this landlord has a lot of work, money, and new employers to go through before this is worth a visit.
Clayton Gatschet

I just signed my contract for my pre-construction custom TOWER. Lake front by the resort. I cant wait to be the first custom home built. This is the perfect nightly rental investment and lake house for my family to use. The rent will pay off the mortgage in roughly 7 years! Tony LaGrand worked with us and gave us a great deal. Cant wait to see how our home turns out.
makenzie westcitt`

We went on a tour and the property is coming along wonderfully! Such a beautiful quaint area of Table Rock Lake! Decided it inquire about purchasing land. Owner is offering some AMAZING finance offers!