50 reviews
Dream Valley Golf Course
marker Buffalo, Missouri


50 reviews
Stephen Schlaack

Best course I've ever played for the price. Staff was extremely courteous. Can't wait to go back and play again!
Gary Lamb

Fun golf course to play. I hit every club in my bag today and I like that. Nice owner and made us feel welcome. We will play again real soon.
Dan Skouby

Really nice course. It is good shape and a good value.
Quinten Dow

This is a beautiful, fun course not pretentious but still high quality. My favorite.
Inspector Cliff

Now let me tell you something right here, right now. We thought this course was going to be a hay field out in the country. But Lord have mercy were we wrong! This course is nice and very fun to play. They got free ice for your cooler, gotta keep them Busch Lights cold or else you ain't gonna hit that ball worth a darn.