36 reviews
Pine Creek Golf Club
marker Purvis, Mississippi


36 reviews
Brody Kleinpeter

All in all great course and layout. Well kept and easy to navigate. The club house is very clean and the staff very friendly.
Dalton Stanford

Pine Creek is always a pleasant experience. I went many times years ago with my grandfather to golf, and still go with my friends today to play and work at the driving range. The staff is always friendly, the place is clean, worth it every time!
Kristopher Chambliss

Do NOT spend your time or money at this place!! That course is often too overcrowded with insufficient spacing. What finally did me in after years of playing enjoyable golf at Pine Creek was after I realized that the only customers that the owners only care about are the members who think they own the place and should have the entire thing to themselves. After being told that I would have to wait approximately 2 hours for a entire group (of about 30 players) who had a money game being played to pass through, I asked the owner for a refund (since I had already paid my money to like everyone else) and that I would just leave. The owner refused and offered me $2 compensation..... WOW, what good customer service. Again, if youve ever played there then you would understand the concept of ungrateful and inconsiderate players and now owners... I will not be back.
James Nary

I arrived at Pine Creek in a bad mood (my GPS misbehaving). I left Pine Creek in a good mood. I really enjoyed playing this course. Much undulation and small greens are a challenge. A really good value.
Jerry Carco

Nice. Quite. Affordable. And satisfied!Will be coming back for the pretty greens and challenging fairways. Jerry