9 reviews
Lake Hillsdale POA
marker Lumberton, Mississippi


9 reviews
Suzette Carpenter

Don't know why they even have a POA.!!! They do not care of the roads as they are supposed too. Half the roads are still washed out, trash pick up is a joke, can't have trash in black bags, can not weigh over certain amount of pounds, people who actually live inside lake Hillsdale are being told they cannot use the lakes, being thrown out of them, haven't seen the pool open yet. But unless you are from the goid side of the park good luck getting into the pool area. All these wonderful things they are supposed to be doing just isn't happening. But make sure you pay your dues. 30.00 a month per every 2 pcs. of property you own. Personally I think they should turn property over to the county. Every body would be a whole lot happier. And then maybe we could get our roads fixed. And just maybe they would finish running the pipes for those who want city water could get it. Make it optional. Not mandatory. And whohoo garbage could be in black bags and weigh more than 20 lbs. (like we all have scales to measure out how much our garbage should weigh). Give me a friggin break. And why have they not gotten rid of the abandoned trailers sitting around falling apart. Or gone through and picked up trash and furniture that people think they can throw away just anywhere. Because the POA doesn't have somewhere to bring old furniture to be disposed of once a month. They would do a hell of alot better if they worked for the people living here. Instead if lining there own pockets. Of ciurse this is my personal opinion and this may or may not be everyones view point. Thinking of moving here. Don't go somewhere else... Have a Happy Day!!!
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Serene environment, nice people!
Mary Spray

Nice people. Great value. Wonderful community.

Alison Scott