50 reviews

Oak Ridge Golf Course

marker New Haven, Michigan


50 reviews
jason urban

Played old oaks today, the Tee boxes were very hard and made it really difficult to push the Tee in, in addition, harder on the clubs. After 9 I went to grab some hot dogs and some extra ice for the beers that I had bought before I started. The women that was helping me (by what I thought was the owner or manager)told to charge me 2 dollars for a scoop of ice. Really TWO DOLLARS for a scoop of ice?I was shocked and the guy just looks at me and says in a very forward voice well do you want it or not. I was charged 16.00 for 4 hot dogs and a SCOOP OF ICE. #highwayrobbery
Christopher Rennels

Didn't see any staff members wearing a mask. No Starter or Ranger on the course so if it's a little busy plan on doing some waiting.Price is excellent for the old course!
mike Chilcott

Course is ok but overpriced
Shannon Sp

My husband and I came here (Marsh Oaks) on a Tuesday night for 18 (6:11 tee off). There were some groups in front of us (some of the league guys golf extra holes so it was getting backed up) but a nice ranger directed us to the back where it was clear for a few holes. We caught up to huge groups again and another nice ranger told us to play wherever we were comfortable. They never pushed anyone off the course that I could see and let everyone play their rounds out. The beer cart girls were the nicest I've witnessed at any course. It's not exceptionally manicured, but the niceness of the staff and easygoing attitude, plus the hazards and open fairways, makes this a pretty cool course.
Amanda Fromm

Despite having questionable carts (beat up and hardly starting) and a course that isnt in the best shape I think the environment here was laid back and i found the old oaks course rather enjoyable. I'd play again. For $20 for 18, you couldn't ask for a better course!