50 reviews
Whittaker Woods Golf Club
marker New Buffalo, Michigan


50 reviews
Clint Fransen

Nice course. Conditions of the grass could use a little spit shine. Would play there again next time I am up here. Played for second day in a row and it was nice. You can tell they are making more improvements to the grounds but the greens are starting to brown. Not sure but the lefty version of Tiger Woods appeared to be playing there today lol.
Stephanie Strawbridge

I want to post an update on the course conditions. The maintenance has picked up and the course and greens are in much better shape. Happy to see!I have not played at the course yet this year, however my husband plays and we have a membership. I am constantly hearing him come home from a round complaining about the course condition which is one reason I haven't been there. The course is not mowed sufficiently, the greens are rolling smooth. We have been golfing at Whittaker ever since the course first opened. The last 4 or 5 holes were always immaculate, making us want to return. I have not seen anyone working on the course in the afternoon. The previous greens keeper was always working in the afternoon. We live in Indiana, but have always enjoyed the 25 minute drive up there and all the nature. So disappointed to see this beautiful course come to such disarray. Hopefully staff can be hired and will take some pride in making Whittaker the course it used to be and Hole number 18, also known as Danny's Hook can once again be the beautiful hole it was.
Joe Cybulski

Paid $70 to play this course with a buddy who played it a few times over the years and recommended it as a nicer, fun public course in the New Buffalo area which there arent many. We were shocked by the condition the course was in this time. Weeds were growing on the tee boxes, huge divots, fairway grass was mostly dead (brown and dry), hardened bunkers, etc. Our cart actually had duct tape holding pieces of it together.Definitely the worst condition of any course Ive played this season. In its current shape this is a $30 round max. Hope they turn things around since the layout of the course has potential to be fun.
Barry Devlin

I have met a friend of mine from Chicago, I live in Indiana, here for a grudge match at least 3 times a year for over 20 years. The course was always in great shape. Yesterday we played there and if we hadn't driven 2 hours after the pro shop told us the course was in great shape we would have left. It was gross. the bunkers were washed out, the fairways hadn't been cut in weeks, the rough looked worse than my lawn. We agreed to never return. SO SAD. I am writing this hoping they get their act together and bring the course back. Or at least admit it is in disrepair and fix it. This USED be a hidden midwestern gem. Now it is a disgrace.
Jack Keenan

Fairways and greens in decent shape. A few very challenging holes. Overall very nice course.