50 reviews

Lake Michigan Hills Golf Club

marker Benton Harbor, Michigan


50 reviews
Harvey Schmidt

I played this course on 6-21-20 , this review is not so much about the course itself but an incident that happened when I left a wedge, Ping 60 degree wedge, on one of the holes. At the end of the round, I was talking about the lost club with my fellow players and that I needed to check with the Pro Shop to see if anyone turned it in. A guy from another group overheard the conversation and said that someone had asked him as they ended their round if they had lost a wedge and he said he was sure one of the bag managers had it. About 15 minutes later I went to the staff barn and asked about the found club. I was told they didn't know anything about it. I repeated the conversation I had had with the other golfer and they said , 'well maybe it was the employees who had just left because they had just come on duty with a shift change.' So I went into the Pro Shop to inquire and of course noone in there knew anything about it, nor did they seem to care. I called back to the course several times after that day and I got the same answer, nope not here. Needless to say, I'm not pleased
Jim Mulcahy

Nice course - a little pricey $62 on the weekend.
Craig Claeys

Little to no sand in traps. Otherwise, very nice.
Joe Muliet

It's a great golf course setup, greens are in great shape and play tough. They need to get the bunkers back in shape.
Malcolm Butler

We had a wonderful 50th class reunion there and it was amazing!!