50 reviews
Cedar Glen Golf Course
marker Saugus, Massachusetts


50 reviews
Christopher S

Over the years Ive played this course the conditions have gotten worse each year. Clearly the owners dont care enough and just want your money. The greens are disgusting and never get taken care of. Theres piles of dirt in the middle of cart paths. This course is not where you want to play. If youre a hack at golf then enjoy.
Imagix Studio

Cedar Glen is the type of golf course where you can show up without a tee time at almost any time of the day and start playing 15 min later....that's unheard of anywhere. Starters are polite, playing fee is inexpensive and the course is challenging enough to help you hone your game. Overall it's a fun course with no hassles. Thanks Cedar Glen! :)
Flying Magma

Pretty decent course, staff is nice, the only problem is the greens are absolutely HORRIBLE, if youre looking to improve your putting skills, do not come here
S. Moses

Ill never bother again! Dont waste your money. Every time I play I wait 15/20 on the 3rd hole. It ruins the round! Look at all of these people waiting!!! No marshal to be found!
Da`vid Carri`lo

course is a mess! tee boxes are mostly dirt, bunkers are mud or hard dirt,no one fixes ball marks on greens making them terrible,fairways are sketchy. Keep an eye out for the little troll who likes to yell at the elderly, group that plays on Sunday mornings are a little sketchy too most play for free