39 reviews
King Rail Reserve Golf Course
marker Lynnfield, Massachusetts


39 reviews
Dave Barker

Not sure about the rude staff - theyve always been great for us. I agree with the nice course for reasonable money comments - well maintained and a great course for most players. I have 11-handicap players and 26-handicap players in my family, and we love this course!

great 9 holes. nice layout. some interesting holes and picturesque views. course is short but fun. course is in pretty good shape seeing that it has only reopened 2 years ago.
James Carlino

Not a bad little course. Does the job for a quick 9 after work. Worth taking a look. Well maintained.
Brian Lewin

Avoid! The course conditions were awful and the rude ranger wouldn't even answer questions. Four greens had brown, dead spots on them and numerous fringes were brick hard. I lost a ball that bounced perfectly on the green (with a pro soft ball!) And bounced straight off and in the woods. The tee boxes are sloped and filled with crab grass and weeds. Fairways are ok. Couldn't hit from the back or middle tees on 8 due to a bee hive. Even Leo J Martin in Weston has green greens. Lynnfield should be ashamed of this course. They take in enough tax money to water grass. Decent layout but after spending $50 I feel like I was sold a lemon from a used car salesman. This course would be better off as a parking lot for the shopping center!
Ron Brown

Nice little course. Well cared for and has always got me on anytime I've wanted to play