38 reviews
Harmony Landing Campus, Big Spring Country Club, Inc
marker Goshen, Kentucky


38 reviews
Jaret Hill

I always enjoy my time here. I've particularly enjoyed the recent sporting Clay shooting events
ChristinaD-Craig Johnson

What a beautiful, old,original and well cared for place. You can feel the history and the efforts of many generations to preserve this true treasure
Mike Bean

And it work Christmas party here in the power Teenage romantic

this place is the best for family friend swimming it is so kid friendly with a play set and a tennis court. you can go up to the snack shack and order your food and they make it in the restaurant and bring out to you in less than 15 minutes and it is so good. but you have to be a member there to use the pool which is like any other pool. so when you go to the snack shack and you order your food you don't have to bring money with you. since you are a member you have a tab with a number. and you order your food and tell them the number and every month you pay how much you spent that month. the pool is always very clean and there ware always two life guards in duty at all times. when they blow the whistle they it means break and it only lasts for 10 min. right when you walk in they give the number of towels for how many people you have which is good because then you don't have to bring your own towels.
Ryan Todd

Before you start working for this place, ask yourself the following questions, ' Do I not value time personally for myself or with the ones I love? Do I not mind being told what to do by one hundred plus parents? Working with a flexible boss isn't important to me, right?' If you answered yes, than this is the place for you. Being taken on as a swim coach for the SFL, Summer Fun League (that acronym couldn't be further from the truth...there is nothing fun about it), I went in with the expectations that a coach's opinion mattered and that I would only be working the agreed upon hours. Was that ever a laugh! After the first meet ,my choices were continually questioned, parents felt comfortable enough to give me their special orders of what they wanted their child in, and my helpful boss made sure to forward every parent 'suggestion' about relays, individual events, etc. to my personal phone. In addition to being under valued and your say as a coach not mattering, be prepared to work on ALL your days off. You will continually do, re-do, re-re-do meet entries over and over to the point where you feel like you're stuck in a time loop from hell. Step away from your phone for an hour to catch up on life outside this job and be prepared to come back to thirty plus emails/texts/notifications about what a particular parent wants, who is scratching from a meet, who is back in for a meet, etc. The breaking point came for me when after working on every Sunday I had off, the one Sunday that my spouse had off and wanted to spend time together, my boss was making sure that wouldn't happen. The only positive, in this grind house where your character and sense of self is chewed up and spit out like cheap hamburger, is the kids. The kids on this swim team are great.