50 reviews
Hart Ridge Golf Course
marker Manchester, Iowa


50 reviews
Mike Ryan

For casual food, top notch. Eat there usually twice a week minimum and everything is good.
Jacob Becicka

Great course, friendly staff, tasty food, and cold beer. What more could you ask for?!? Worth the stop for a great time on the course.
James T

Today I just wjent out to eat, and the food was great. You should really try the fish. In other times I have been there however, I have gone to the driving range and on the course. This is a great course to play. Not too hard and not too easy. The driving range is great too, it has a little over 200 yards to hit with. I think you should heavily consider coming here to either eat, drink, golf or both!
Lynn Richmond

Great fish fry, service was wonderful, menu prices are good. Thanks for the recommendation Phil and Shannon Payne!
Ann Cooksley

Fish was excellent! Didn't have to wait long.