50 reviews

Blast Off

marker Idaho Falls, Idaho


50 reviews
Karol Taylor

My grandchildren 1 and a half to 8 had a super time. They played in the ball pits for almost 2 hours. It was ultra clean. Thanks for a great day
Corey Lords

Good place for the kids and teenagers for laser tag/ phaser tag and play ground. Decent prices and good staff.
Scott Szobonya

Cleanest kid place I have ever been to! They also have coffee and WiFi. Whats not to like? Love this place. Highly recommend versus any tiger play area.
Bradley Adams

I have been taking my kids to blast off for years, and they usually have a good time. The owners have been a little gruff on different occasions, but I think the prices are not bad. The reason for the one star rating, is that when me and my sister-in-law brought our kids in last time, her oldest was sitting out due to his poor behavior throughout the day. The owner told her that she would have to pay for him because they don't want kids to have to sit out and watch their siblings play. I can understand their desire for everyone to have fun, but that is not his responsibility. He even mentioned that if kids misbehave while they're playing they will discipline them, but again that is not their responsibility. My oldest son was sitting out due to a hurt foot and he did not charge me for him. When I calmly tried to talk to the owner about this issue, he became very rude pretty quickly and refused to recognize that they do not have any right or responsibility to discipline somebody else's child. Due to this and are there instances where the owners have been pretty rough and rude, I do not believe we will be coming back.Response to your response:This goes to show you that you guys really only see what you want to see and place blame on others. I did not call. I took my children in and talked to the owner in person. I DID NOT use any profanity what so ever. I was actually pretty respectful. The owner was the one who got rude pretty quickly and very sarcastically told me to go ahead and buy this business and change what I wanted.
Christel Ghiloni

We have come to blast off a handful of times and every experience has been good! The owners are sweet and care about the well-being of staff. Its clean. I love they have customers wash their hands before entering. The price is awesome for what you get as well! We would recommend this place!