50 reviews

Cotton Fields Golf Club

marker Mcdonough, Georgia


50 reviews
Samantha Kelly

Terrible grounds. Don't waste your time.
Bob Wood

Greens and fairways are ok but they need some major work on the cart paths. Green fees are reasonable.
Clarence Williams

This used to be a super nice course. It has fallen off significantly. The layout is still nice. The staff is still super nice and friendly. The new greens were put in a few years ago. The bunkers need to be maintained and they need to spray the weeds around the greens. The greens are spotty but they roll pretty good to be honest with you. The price is reasonable so you can't complain too much. I have been playing there a few times a year for at least ten years. I will still visit this course.
Christian Pena

Once you get past the tone deaf name, on its website the mentioned being on former farmland that once grew the Souths best cotton...its actually a great value course. The greens had some rough patches at times, but given the current COVID climate, I think thats forgiven. The views on the course we beautiful, and while it was crowded, pace of play wasnt too bad. Overall, Id recommend this course, at just 30mins south of Atlanta...just maybe think of rebranding the name, its 2020 haha!
Charles Parker Jr

The golf course fairways and tee boxes are beautiful. The greens need work.