48 reviews
Timber Creek Golf Course
marker Bradenton, Florida


48 reviews
Adam Alger

I come here quite often , today is Christmas Eve and I had a little bit of time to myself. Its lightly raining and 3:30. I stop anyway. No one on the course and they are locking the carts. No one in the park lot. I asked the attendant that since they do $5 after 4pm, and Im probably going to get rained out anyway, can I do the $5 rate? He says sure and just after I drop $5 drop in the box Im told by him you have to wait till 4 to go out'. Unbelievable. If it was sunny and the place was full Id understand. Either he has no common sense or he has no decency. In my line of work I am constantly telling people dont worry about paying me, I was only here for a few minutes . I guess those days are gone. SAD.
Carolyn Deans

Great for a family, pull carts were great with a 9&11 year old who don't golf. Good walk, not too long, some challenges on the course to keep from being bored for golfers. Great bird, snake, turtle and squirrel watching while you wait. Thanks for a great time !
Norm Svendsen

I would like to be nice. The people who work there are very polite. There is nothing about this golf course that could make you a better golfer on a ' real ' Golf course. The greens are small. The rough is like over grown crab grass ( everywhere but the green ). The greens are indescribable. Not like anything I've ever played on. The ball bounces all the way to thehole.
Sheila Giguere

this is a very pretty 9 hole course with lots of birds and little gardens throughout.
Will Blaine

It's a good golf course.