50 reviews
Raccoon Creek Golf Course
marker Littleton, Colorado


50 reviews
S McDade

I had not played this course in probably 16 years until today. Now, I remember why it was one of my favorites. The course is in great shape. The grounds and the entire property are beautiful. The clubhouse, which is new for me was beautiful! The restaurant served me an excellent lunch. Our waitress was an incredibly sweet and polite young lady. Last, but certainly not least was the entire staff here were so polite. Thank you Raccoon Creek! You really gave me a great experience and I will be a regular once again!!!
jason michael

Very nice course and in great shape. Good water course. 1st time playing this track but I shall return.
Kyle Murray

Golf course and staff are great. Have always enjoyed playing here... but yesterday at approx 5pm we noticed a very large crowd (100 people) gathering. Apparently the PGA Junior league was gathering for an event and I was horrified to see not only the teenage kids, but their parents as well not distancing at all and not a single person wearing a mask. Hanging out in the bar / restaurant and it was apparent to me that no one cared. As a business owner / operator in hospitality I was very disappointed to see this happening. Management needs to enforce certain protocols to keep people safe. Sorry to say, I will not be back.
Elizabeth Ettinger

Always been one of my favorite courses and they have a wonderful practice facility. Plus they have the driving range open which most courses don't right now. But I was really discouraged to see exactly 2 people with masks on during the hour plus time we were there, and almost no social distancing with people there to practice or play. They were all walking right next to each other like they had never heard of CV. Even worse, when we checked in with the drink cart person to get balls and cocktails, no mask, no gloves, nothing. Same with the guy who brought our balls over to us. Hands all over the cups, the gin and tonic bottles, the beer cans, it was very strange. I can't help but think with that kind of 'its too inconvenient for me' attitude, that we will be back in lockdown in no time and then no one gets to play. My 85 year old mom lives with us and my husband is a Type 1 diabetic so we won't be able to justify playing there with such a lax attitude. We were really looking forward to it. Its unfortunate but hopefully other courses are taking things more seriously and have respect and caring for those around them, not to mention the front line workers that are the most affected by irresponsible behavior.
Steve Hose

Great course, new Club House is awesome, more parking spaces will be coming soon once they remove the old Club House and how about those Colorado sunset views from the new outdoor seating area! Thanks for a great evening, Steve & Lorri Hose Your Castle Real Estate