50 reviews

Pine Creek Golf Club

marker Colorado Springs, Colorado


50 reviews
Jimmie Richardson

Haven't been golfing in several years. Going to hit the practice range, then a couple of weeks afterwards I will play 9 holes.
Brian Benning

Great food, people, and golf. Coarse is in great shape. Very pretty design. Love to play here.
D Muratori

Just echoing what Ms. Raugh said in her review - what a sh!t show. Over 5 hours to play a round, marshals doing nothing to speed up slow groups, construction on several holes that's been ongoing for years now. It's $30 more per foursome to play Red Hawk Ridge in Castle Rock - far nicer course, kept in excellent condition, carts aren't all beat up, and the marshals keep things moving at the proper pace. Pine Creek is a complete ripoff - we won't be back.
Collin Kamyszek

Terrible management of the course and terrible customer service when trying to deal with the management of the course.
Renee Alderman

This is the worst golf club of all time. We had a group of 8, 4 riders and 4 golfers. Even though we followed every rule and kept the riders separate from the golfers, we were constantly accused of having 8 golfers. We were eventually kicked off the course for breaking no rules. The ranger who escorted us said my grandfather threatened him personally, which he absolutely did not. This all also happened on Fathers Day.