50 reviews
Cottonwood Creek Disc Golf Course
marker Colorado Springs, Colorado


50 reviews
John Palaka

Glad to have this venue in the city however it is not well maintained. Maybe because of funds, but the signs need to be updated, all the poles need to be numbered properly and some type of information available to the public. I know people expect this to be free but maybe it needs to be utilized for a small fee to improve it for everyone. This is an 18 hole or basket course and it is well used.
Raven Jade

This is a large, dog friendly park. It has a beautiful view of the mountains, though the park itself is mostly dirt/sand and brown trees in May. There does seem to be a bit too many holes on the course as people constantly bump into and play over each other. It made things a bit more difficult for those not familiar with the course because the 'flow' of the course wasnt often made clear and the baskets weren't clearly labeled like the tees. The people were super friendly though and the changes in elevation were fun. It was packed on a Tuesday and there was a happy man selling hot dogs and lots of people playing soccer in the field next to it. Overall, a neat park but not the best course I've played.
Liz Haines

Great course tucked away in a residential area, terrain like many mountain courses but still staying within town. Baskets are fairly tough to see as currently marked but we were aided by locals who knew the course. Mix of open fields and trees, made for a great round!

A very challenging great course lots of trees lots of forehand tee shots some holes are more open if you want to take your skill to the next level definitely come here you might need to come during off hours during summer time summer evenings can draw crowds.
Ares Inamorta

Fun times! Great for the whole family! Won my first game here! Can't wait to teach the kids how to play!:)