10 reviews
ADS Golf Inc
marker Vista, California


10 reviews
Laurence Miller

Gene Bonk of ADS Golf is a nationally respected golf club fitter based in northern San Diego County. Gene evaluates the golf swing and then selects the right club head and shaft to meet the particular needs of the individual golfer. My golf fitting with a driver was six months ago and with irons five months ago. The driver and irons that Gene selected through the fitting are much more stable than the clubs I have previously used and thus my accuracy has greatly improved. In addition I have regained the distance with my driver that I thought I had lost due to age, and as with the irons, my drives are much more accurate and more often in the fairway. Thanks to the in depth club fitting with Gene Bonk and his selection of club heads and shafts, my game has improved. I highly recommend Gene Bonk and ADS golf to anyone seriously wanting to improve their golf game.
Quentin J. White Sr.

Excellent work and fair pricing..
John F

Most knowledgeable & excellent service
Cosmic Tesla

I wish these guys could answer basic questions over the phone instead of requiring you to drive to their shop.
Thomas Desmond

Very knowledgeable. I have brought in numerous clubs for fixing (replacing shafts, transferring heads, re gripping, etc...). They have always been quick and prompt. Will definitely be going back for any golf repair needs.