50 reviews
DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course
marker Santa Cruz, California


50 reviews
Forest Baker

Awesome and humbling course, so glad i got the opportunity to play on my trip to Santa Cruz. Pro Shop Jimmy picked me out a nice DeLa disc i look forward to losing soon!
Trond Espen Geitle

A great disc golf course. Challenging, but fun! There is also a disc shop in a container at the parking lot. Great service there, I recommend you check it out if it's open.
Rhonda Allen

Great place! Disc/snack store with very knowledgeableand friendly staff. Long course, but although challenging, not too difficult. Beautiful surroundings. Will definitely return. $2 parking fee
j. zacarias

Great course. Long. Challenging. FUN!!Lost a disk on last hole, 'Top of the World,' on my tee shot. Still have not heard from anyone. Hopefully it's still up in the tree. White Starfire Pro.
Alex Semfel

Great course, lots of fun elevation holes, cool obstacles and some long open as well as closed tight holes. Disc store on site at the parking lot. Watch out for big ravines if you shoot out of bounds though!