48 reviews

Hearst Ranch Winery (Seaside in San Simeon)

marker San Simeon, California


48 reviews
Osmel Osle

Jair Vasquez

This spot is worth a try. They serve big portions for fair prices. Consistently neat and with fantastic mood. Will visit here again.
Giorgio di Salvatore

We went to Hearst Ranch Winery because we were told that Sebastian's, the restaurant on site, was previously owned as a local market by Thorndike, the original Light House Keeper at Piedras Blancas. The tasting room is nicely set and it has a nice selection of wines. I was happy to see them offet a single varietal of Cabernet Franc. I couldn't find one at the local Paso Robles wineries. It paired nicely with my sandwich from Sebastian's. Additionally, as an LGBT patron, I was incredibly happy to see that your restrooms were up to code and identified restrooms as 'Whatever' gender. That was a first for me. Thank you.
Kevin Laplante

We decided to stop here for Sebastian's as it was popping up on Google as highly rated. We were sad to hear it is no longer there.Luckily it ended up being for the better. They had a taco truck (one day only as their normal food truck had prior engagements) the food was phenomenal. While we were there we figured we would try some wine (we aren't wine drinkers), Casey gave us phenomenal service and we ended up really enjoying a few of the wines. So far on our trip, it has been the best part of an awesome vacation. Hope we can come back sometime!
Paul O

Good wines