29 reviews
Presidio Hills Golf Course
marker San Diego, California


29 reviews
Craig Baker

Casa De Carrillo, California Historical Landmark No. 74, inscription: Presidio Comandante Francisco Maria Ruiz built this house next to his 1808 pear garden late in 1821 for his close relative and fellow soldier, Joaquin Carrillo, and his large family. From this adobe dwelling, in April 1829, daughter Josefa Carrillo eloped to Chile with Henry Delano Fitch. When Ruiz died in 1839 and Joaquin soon afterwards, son Ramon Carrillo sold this property to Lorenzo Soto. It was transferred several times before 1932, deteriorating gradually, until George Marston and Associates restored the house and grounds and deeded them to the City of San Diego as a golf course.
Randall Williams

You have a cat you get 5 stars. Sorry but I have a soft spot for cats. They deserve our absolute and undivided attention. May you be worshipped like you were in Egypt. I stopped by for the Historical Marker.
Steve Huot

Decent place
Mark Burns

Basically you'll be practicing your pitching and chipping. For what it is, it's not bad. But it barely qualifies as golf. Probably ideal for kids or for just an hour of goofing off with golf clubs.
John Steed

Fun for hackers of all ages..lol.