50 reviews
Bradshaw Ranch Golf Course
marker Sacramento, California


50 reviews
Maria Jackson

One day after a weekend with lots of rain and the course is in great shape! Clearly the course drains well and does not hold water too much. Most friendly staff ever, from the grounds crew to the office staff. They are accommodating, and remember your game and your name. Beautiful, short nine hole that has some water challenges, and a couple of slopped, but well groomed greens. Check out the huge koi in the pond on the third hole! Love Bradshaw Ranch!
Ray Sisco

Bradshaw is great! This course is an easy 9 hole par 27 on a beautifully manicured landscape! At a $9 - $12 price point, the value is reason enough for playing here.
Trekman 1701

Never really crowded.... Easy course for newbies like me. Great driving tees....... Quiet.

I came to play golf for the 2nd time and both times I was told the last tee time is 5:30'. Not sure if the two men that works there are even aware that their website indicates they close at 8pm. Kind of an embarrassing situation given there were 3 other customers came in the same time I did around 5:35pm. This is poor management and customer service.
Paul Nguyen

Excellent courses for amateur golfers. Very convenient