50 reviews
Granite Bay Golf Club
marker Granite Bay, California


50 reviews
Kenny Castro

I love the friendly people and the nice greens there. Hole #7 is amazing. Great place to join.
Gary K

In nice shape, bunkers pretty consistent with the sand, greens were pretty receptive considering the watering required in 100 degree heat, plenty of water coolers to stay hydrated.
Christopher Jones

Great job hosting my cousin's wedding! Would have been a perfect review if not for the myriad of Trump stickers...in the parking lot of course.
Karen Teague

'20/1 1st review, but have attended several different events over the years:-- Always quality look/care inside & out by genuine, personable employees.-- While parking lot is a bit of a walk from main clubhouse entrance, there is a convenient roundabout drop off.-- Three different restaurant/menu options on the premises.
dan walsh

I was here for a celebration of life. The venue here is as nice as what you pay for. A very nice place and a great staff.