26 reviews
El Dorado Hills Sports Club
marker El Dorado Hills, California


26 reviews
Larry Rubenstein

Front desk and office staff outstanding. Friendly, caring and professional. Margaret is a terrific person. Those who post negative comments and reference old lady comments need a wake up call about life. Must be a very depressed and negative person. May want to start by looking in mirror.
Joe Maloney

I have been member for two weeks. So far the facilities i have used have been clean and well maintained. The club hasn't been very crowded. Based upon other reviews, it appears they have upped their focus on being friendly because they have been very nice to me so far. I haven't used the kids areas so I won't review them but they are there. The facility does seem to be very family focused and family friendly but I have never seen any children interfering with my ability to use the facility. The cost is hard to beat.
Sly Garcia

Great place to work out!
mary s

I have been a member at this gym for over six years, and I love everybody who works here, they have a new employee in the play center is called Michaela and all she does is wearing tons of make up as if shes going to the night club , you never see her playing with the kids or taking care of them the way Linda, Paula Kathleen or other women do! She needs to go to another department that she doesnt need to deal with the kids and chidren
Jon Van Loo

Great sports club. Clean, good equipment, two pools, great basketball court