48 reviews
Fox Hills Country Club
marker Paragould, Arkansas


48 reviews
Terry Adams

Foxhill is one of the hardest course i have ever played. I am a member now because I play there alot. Foxhill can make a very good golfer. When I go to other courses like saga or burns in little Rock my game is really really good because of foxhill. At foxhill I can play under 100 but when I go to other courses I can play in the 80s and sometimes in the 70s. Foxhill is a great course for making really good golfers. Super slim fairways with ultra small greens that balls do not stick to. What better way to teach someone to be an accurate golfer. If you have a chance to play there you should but don't let it get you down it is a very tough course. That is what makes it great.
Steve Williams

Great course!!
Brenda Howse

Great service and the biggest best hamburger. Tea was great. I'll be back
George Johnson

You can't beat the prices and food quantity or quality and the owner took his time out of the day to deliver my food cause my truck was broke down. They'll forever have my business!!!!!
Jeff Osburn

Awesome golf course