41 reviews

Gator Golf Miniature Golf Course

marker Fayetteville, Arkansas


41 reviews
jorge sanchez

well, it was a very bad experience.we took my little cousin who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness , and has a few months designated left.well the owner ,ken kept rushing us and then really rushed us at the end.i guess because there were no customers beaides us, ten of us.he is a rascist and doesnt care about humanity. he treated us lije 3rd ckass citizens.please boycott this place .it was awful.it used to be run by these really nice people from eureka springs , it is no more. BOYCOTT
Brandon Nichols

Love Gator Golf, they made some improvements since last year and the course looks a lot better.
Amy Bolinger

I visited Gator golf in the midst of the 2020 pandemic. I got to interact with the new owners and the upgrades and investments they had made on the property are obvious with more planned.For $10 you can play 36 holes. This is a very safe establishment to visit during the pandemic as you are socially distant and your materials that you touch her instantly sanitized like the golf club. There are fancy balls you can purchase and bring back each time but it's not required. There's also water and sodas available to purchase. I also saw signage to be able to use their grill or host a party there. I do know in the past that the mystery hole to get a hole-in-one on is the last hole, hole number 18 but now it rotates so you bring in your filled out scorecard which was kind of fun. I know in the past you could have none players go on the course but due to new legalities every person who enters the course has to pay so parents you can't go and just watch and just pay for your kids.there are 18 holes on the red course which you start at the bottom of the hill and work your way up and there's 18 holes on the blue course where you start at the top and work your way down. The red course was pretty well shaded and the blue course goes through the cave. You can pay to play either one I believe for $7.50 or $10 to play both. There's also an option for unlimited play for the day. Two of us playing all 36 holes and not having to wait for anyone in front of us took about an hour and half.
Denise Bednar

Always friendly. Love the environment and the surrounding nature.
Jody Rodgers

Great place! Very nice and clean!